“The Music Program at Nepean is awesome! Students’ enthusiasm, passion and talents are encouraged and they are given every opportunity to reach their full potential.” (NCS Parent)

We are a small single stream school appealing to families from a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds who want “Affordable Excellence and Applaudable Results” in a school that is anchored within a Christian outlook on life. We believe our school ‘punches above its weight’ with regard to educational innovation and risk taking. Our Music program is one such innovation and it provides resources and opportunities that many of our students would not normally be afforded.

At Nepean Christian School we believe that:

  • We have been “Created to Create”!
  • Something has not been learned, until it has been lived.
  • Musical excellence provides great personal and corporate fulfilment
  • Music is a catalyst to personal confidence
  • The musical talents of all students need to be discovered, developed, deployed and celebrated
  • Music Education provides opportunities for hope, pleasure, joy and expression of one’s emotions and ideas
  • The Nepean Student Outcomes of Curiosity, Community, Adventure, Stewardship, Celebration, Justice and Compassion can be experienced through Music
  • Systematic and imaginative acquisition of Music skills is imperative
  • Music is part of the ongoing adventure of life in an exciting and broken world.


Therefore at Nepean Christian School, students are given opportunities to:

  • Live their Music learning
  • Take risks in their approach to learning Music
  • Bring joy, comfort, beauty and encouragement to audiences
  • Be convinced that Christ’s death is the highest price for every musical pleasure and the deepest comfort in every musical pain
  • Develop a dynamic, life-long interest in music
  • Engage music to celebrate individually and communally
  • Experience music of different styles and cultures
  • Listen to, organise sound and perform the music of others and create their own
  • Systematically focus on music skills and concepts in the context of Singing, Playing, Moving, Organising Sound and Listening



All students are given an opportunity to learn an instrument from voice, ukulele, tin whistle,
percussion, to a choice of band instruments which can continue through High School. Students with
disabilities are encouraged with program modifications to cater for them. “Just being a part of the
band is a real boost for these special kids.” (NCS Parent)

All students in the Primary Section (K-6) are actively involved in weekly music lessons. Because we believe that authentic music education is so important, we have built this into the Release from Face to Face teaching program of our school. Highlights of learning experiences are:

Kindy and Year One – Singing, playing, moving and building a love for and appreciation of music

Year Two - Ukulele

Year Three – Tin whistle.   Busking might start!

Year Four – Year 4 Concert Band with clarinet, trombone, saxophone, flute, trumpet and percussion. (No cost to students!)

Year Five – Soundscapes – conventional and unconventional e.g. Junk Band, Fruit & Vegie Band, Sports Shed Band. Digital composition and recording.

Year Six – A ‘mini-musical’. ‘Insploration’ (Instrument Exploration involving: keyboard, ukulele, guitar, bass, drums and percussion). ‘Insploration’ is a program we have developed at NCS.



Technology - Dedicated Music Computer Lab (as part of the Music Room), iPads and a Digital Hard Disc Multi-Track Recorder provides many up-to-date technological learning experiences.

Ukulele Program – Begins in Yr2 and flows into a Ukulele Orchestra. Students learn the basics of music theory, performance, rehearsal techniques in context.

The Concert Band – began in 2005…now a 45 piece concert band and growing. Every second year we go on a band tour e.g. Way Out West (2006 and 2008), Port Macquarie (2010) and Way Down South (2012).

The Jazz Band – began in 2006… includes musicians from the Concert Band interested in improvisation and Jazz music. The Jazz Band has played for the Penrith City Council Citizenship Ceremonies and many school functions.

Band-a-Thon – This is our annual Band fundraiser. Musicians collect sponsorship per hour for a four hour band-a-thon rehearsal. This helps funds our performances and the day-to-day running cost of a band program.



There are many components of the Music Program at NCS that demonstrate success. Here are a few:

  • Level of participation (over 100 Primary students are actively learning an instrument)
  • Performance opportunities both within our school community and in the wider community
  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback from our community and communities we visit
  • Major Stage Musical every two years (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, HONK, Suessical, Beauty and the Beast)
  • Concert Band Tours
  • Community Carols (e,g, Warragamba, Governor Phillip Hospital)
  • Citizenship Ceremonies
  • Strong culture of assembly and celebration singing
  • Individual lessons taught by external tutors in such things as guitar, bass, drums, flute, sax, trombone, trumpet, clarinet and voice

“The greatest impact is on the pride of being able to achieve something that these kids wouldn’t
normally be able to do. To play an instrument and to succeed is wonderful.” (NCS Parent)


Some quotes collected from our students:-

“It is awesome coming to a school that has its very own band”.

“In Music we not only learn to play instruments but we also learn about trusting, kindness and listening”.

“Being in band is like being in a soccer team. There is encouragement, hard work, risk-taking, teamwork and fun”.

“Playing an instrument is not only a physical challenge, but also a brain challenge”.

“The best thing about making music at NCS is that when it comes to music, we put away our differences and come together and learn”.

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