Authentic Learning

(SOLA = Slice of Life Adventure)

In being instruments of God’s sovereign truth and grace in the educational arena, it is imperative that we provide our students with the opportunity to live what they are learning.

We see that human life in its entirety should be life unfolding itself in terms of:

  • response to God’s grace as manifested in Jesus Christ – His life, death and resurrection
  • obedient, faithful and creative service of Him by way of making things new and bringing God’s ultimate future into God’s urgent present.

 We believe:

  1. Christ’s death is the highest price for every pleasure and the deepest comfort in every pain.
  2. We are to be hearers and doers of God’s Word
  3. Faith without works is dead.
  4. Revelation demands a response.
  5. Christ sacrificed the pleasures of heaven to become human, living the rich life of obedience to His Father that we can never live, dying the death that we deserve and coming back to life to secure our place in the new earth and heaven.
  6. Knowledge and skills must serve wise decision making.
  7. The issues of life pervade all learning (e.g. truth, justice, self-centredness, compassion, greed, happiness, evil)
  8. We are called to live Christ’s story in our lives
  9. The building of Christ-likeness i.e. character, is the basis of an abundant, self-sacrificial life.
  10. God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied with Him midst the joys and challenges of life.


therefore we:


Simulate     Impact     Engage     Integrate     Build Community


  1. Living a life of engagement – with all types of people, issues and joys. SOLA is an encounter before it is an experience. We are more committed to encountering Christ than we are to Christianity.
  2. Designing activities that contextualise learning, promote lifelong learning and provide opportunity for real life experiences (adventures).   NCS calls these “Slice Of Life Adventures” or SOLAs. Some of these are:



  • Interacting with students from sister schools in Africa
  • Enjoying the thrill of understanding the Gospel
  • Playing in the Concert Band
  • Participating in interschool debates
  • Praying with others in Pastoral Care Groups
  • Helping classmates with their learning
  • Performing an item at an assembly
  • Creating a class blog
  • Writing a letter to a local politician
  • Performing at theatre restaurants
  • Running a taxi business in a class village
  • Cooking lunch for senior citizens


  • Running a small business on Market Day
  • Representing the school in a variety of sports
  • Incubating chickens
  • Cooking pancakes, pizzas and popcorn
  • Writing and submitting a newspaper article
  • Ice skating, rock climbing and paddling
  • Enjoying the thrill of Diversability activities

  • Being part of the tech crew of a musical
  • Camping beside ocean, river or valley
  • Looking after a Kindy buddy
  • Capturing God’s creation with landscape photography
  • Publishing a picture book for an infants student and much, much more!

     3. Being alert to those unplanned moments when learning rubber hits real roads and being flexible and courageous enough to seize these moments and run with them.

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