Learning Adventure

At Nepean Christian School we know that learning is an adventure:

• that does not stop at knowledge, but seeks wisdom
• that nurtures belief that inspires action
• where all understanding is unfolded through story, and where the story of God becoming a man, Jesus Christ, and dying in place of His people so they could live life abundantly, is pivotal.

Our curriculum is taught by faithful teachers who love the Lord Jesus and who teach with passion, love and concern for their students.

Teachers also understand the benefits of contextual, professional and relational learning. However, our teachers also seek to unfold their curriculum and classroom learning in such a way that their students realise that the foundational understanding and principle motivation for all things in our created world is to glorify the Lord Jesus.

Teachers will ask questions of their curriculum:

• What does our understanding of Jesus as Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer and Lord have to say about the knowledge or skills I am trying to teach?
• How can I unfold my understanding of the world as a Christian and wrap it around the ideas I am trying to teach?
• How can what I am about to teach be a vehicle for sharing my story of passion and faith in the story of the Lord Jesus?

Our teachers have been captured by the story of Jesus and have woven their story into His. They cannot help but create learning adventures in which their students' stories are woven into Jesus' story of grace to His people.

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