Book Week

Book Week celebrations are highlights of the school year! They involve buddy reading, book character parade, a café for parents and grandparents, teacher swaps, visiting author or illustrator, book sales and surprises.

Participating in Book Week at NCS can be a wonderfully exciting experience.

See the school calendar for details of Book Week events.



Previous Book Week Highlights

24 Hour Bible Reading Marathon

On Thursday 16th August 2012, we kicked off our very first 24 hour continuous Bible reading marathon. Over 60 people (including our visiting author Andrew McDonough), read from the Bible for 15 or 20 minutes and this continued all through the night and into the next day. We read through the entire New Testament and 8 Psalms! It was exciting to see and hear young children reading the Word of God straight from the Bible and to watch as older students sidled up next to the younger ones to help them with their reading.

  • Bible Readathon 15
  • Bible Readathon 9
  • Bible Readathon 13
  • Bible Readathon 1
  • Bible Readathon 17
  • Bible Readathon 11
  • Bible Readathon 16
  • Bible Readathon 19
  • Bible Readathon 14
  • Bible Readathon 2

Namoi Valley Christian School participated in the challenge too. We set up a Skype link and Nepean students handed the baton over to nine Namoi Valley students who continued reading for an hour.

The Bible Reading Marathon was again a highlight of Book Week 2013 and has quickly become a highly anticipated tradition.


Feedback from Andrew McDonough’s (creator, writer and illustrator of the Lost Sheep books):

"Well, I had an absolute blast visiting your school. I loved the relaxed feel of the place. Thanks for looking after me so well, for all the organisation and for allowing me to share with the older students in the master class.

"Thanks for allowing me to be part of the Bible Reading Marathon. I don't give enough attention to just reading scripture aloud. I was struck by the 'Lost Sheep' passage coming up in my reading."