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Celebrating Diversity

Embracing diversity is one of those things in life that can be just plain hard work. It's like saying sorry...I know it's the right thing to do, but actually getting round to doing it, and doing it gladly, is really difficult sometimes.

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Recognising diversity is easy. In fact, we are experts at noticing those who are different to us. Some young children can be embarrassingly blunt when they notice a large person, a person with dwarfism, a person with dark skin, someone with tattered clothes. Recognising diversity is not the problem. We have a built-in radar that senses any differences, quirkiness, eccentricities, disabilities, exceptional abilities, shortcomings or vulnerabilities. These form the basis of schoolyard bullying.


Bully Rule #1: Pick on someone who ís different to me. But embracing diversity is a whole new ball game. Amongst other things, an embrace involves warmth, appreciation, sincerity, love and fondness. It ís far more than just recognising and accepting something.


Embracing diversity involves promoting differences, celebrating differences, appreciating differences and deploying differences.


Embracing diversity lies at the very centre of our schoolís vision. Into a dusty Palestinian society over 2000 years ago came a very different man. He embraced diversity with rigour, passion and transparency. Jesus cuddled the young, inspired the old, comforted the downtrodden, confronted the rich, consoled the prostitute, healed the sick, thrilled the bewildered and encouraged the wounded. The wonder and horror of Jesus' life, death and resurrection do not discriminate in their application to the diversity of human talent, background, ability or ethnicity.


Therefore, NCS embraces diversity. We cannot be genuinely Christian and have a closed or selective enrolment policy. As long as we can meet their needs, we welcome all children and their families. We are blessed by the brokenness of students. We are excited by those who are eccentric. We are constantly thrilled by the craftsmanship, intelligence, courage, kindness, wisdom, musicianship and sporting prowess of our students.


We are committed to embracing diversity at NCS.


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