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Learn it. Live it. Love it.

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Nestled in a peaceful bushland setting, Nepean Christian School is a co-educational Kindy-Year 10 school of around 300 students, with high expectations for student competence, character and faith. Established in 1984 by a group of local Christian parents, the school has a vision for education that is authentically Christian in outlook and practice.


One of our school’s bottom lines is its tradition of expecting students to live their learning when at all possible. This is the reasoning behind our Year 9 and 10 Theatre Restaurant, Year 6 Money Village, class camps, excursions, specialist camps, Year 1 Fruit Salad Maths activity, Handa 4 Uganda ventures and SOLAs (Slice of Life Adventures). Learning knowledge and skills is vital. But having opportunities to put these into practice within a Christian framework is the culmination of the learning. Using the learning strengthens the learning and it is the proof of the learning! Recent research is showing that students who learn authentically i.e. meaningfully and with the opportunity to put their learning into real life contexts, perform better on tests than those students who just learn for the tests.


Therefore, Nepean is a greedy school… but greedy in a different way to wanting wealth. Our sort of greed wants all that is right, good and true.


We are never happy when a student:
• can speak well, but monopolises discussions
• can spell and define humility, but is not humble
• can read, but chooses not to
• is able to do Maths, but uses these skills in self-serving ways
• has great scientific knowledge, but severs facts from faith
• has a fantastic repertoire of historical facts, but detaches these from the struggles and doubts of real people made in the image of God


We want more than just acquisition of knowledge, skills and values. We want to connect:
• faith with learning
• wisdom with knowledge
• God’s revelation with the adventure of life
• the wonder and horror of Christ’s death with the wonder and horror of life


This “greed” is what gives Nepean its edge, indeed its very rationale. We simply want more than what is being offered (and offered very well!) at state schools. We want our commitment to Christ to impact our thoughts, words and actions. By doing this, a distinctive story will be created at Nepean. And this story will have themes that are anchored in real opportunities for students to live their learning and to become “greedy” in a good way.

I look forward to exploring the possibilities of enrolment at Nepean Christian School with you. We encourage all interested parents and grandparents to visit our school. Please contact the Office to arrange a suitable time for a relaxed, informal tour and chat – school days, Saturday mornings and twilight tours can be arranged. However, where possible we encourage you to visit at a time when our students and staff are here, as it is the people, not the buildings, that are the life of our school.


Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any further questions regarding enrolment at Nepean.


Relaxing in God’s grace.


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